2022 Logo Trend Report

A creative resource worth keeping an eye on

LogoLounge is back celebrating its 20th anniversary of their annual logo trend report.

LogoLounge is the world’s largest logo search engine and home to well over 350,000 logos submitted by its members.

For the 2022 report, wordmarks and typography played a more important role—due to the need to build visual memorability. What’s also a new trend is reverse contrast which catches people off guard, looping letters, and flat elongations of horizontals in traditional letter forms. Excessive ink traps in sans serif and serif fonts also shook things up, as well as heavy condensing of fonts. Brands are still trying to stay bio-friendly and eco-sensitive in symbolism and materials being used.

In regards to colors being used, there’s been a broader adoption of tri/quatra/or quintuple color palettes to represent a brand. A single logo may not have a primary color application but be one of many in its family. There are big amounts of pink being embraced as a corporate color without being linked to gender. For five years it’s been forecast in color trends and each year the pink gets more intense – a sign it is here to stay for a while.

With these observations of the path and evolution of key design trends, the idea is not to find a shortcut to the top through imitation, but to engage in the climb—to rise above and evolve your logo.

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