The Renaissance of Print Marketing

The Renaissance of Print Marketing

Digital marketing has emerged as the preferred resource in the field. White papers have long been digitalized because they can be widely distributed, and revisions can be made easily. It is an economical choice that reduces waste, printing costs, and postage. Many marketers take those savings and channel them into their broader digital communications strategy in the form of blogs, SEO, social media, and ebooks. It is safe to say that today print has less relevance than it did in the past but, is print marketing dead? Absolutely not. Knowledgeable marketers still rely on print marketing; here are the top 5 reasons why.

  1. The Old is New Again

One of the main reasons to use print marketing is to set your brand apart. Now that every industry has digitalized its advertising efforts sending a tangible piece of mail makes brands unique. Using the vintage approach differentiates marketers from the competition, making them look innovative and creative.

  1. Staying Power

Emails are deleted with a click of a finger. Carefully crafted digital offers can be routed directly to junk mail without the target audience ever seeing them. On the other hand, direct mail must be physically removed from the mailbox and looked at before the consumer decides the next steps. Even if the piece goes directly into the recycling bin, the consumer has seen and touched it.  Consumers will think twice about discarding the special offer and may keep the piece floating around for a while, giving it multiple views. This works exceptionally well if it is combined with a targeted digital campaign that includes a QR code that allows marketers to track the campaign’s efficiency by looking at engagement, scan rates, and sales.

  1. Don’t Be Afraid to Be Different

Many marketers trim their mailing lists to a targeted audience and then produce a high-quality mailer to increase their brand credibility. The small-batch printing of these quality pieces surprises and impresses the consumer, securing brand credibility. In some cases, marketers are incorporating augmented reality into their direct mail pieces; this makes it possible to scan the mailer and launch a different experience; video animation, 3D interactive images, and so much more. Creative collateral is a great way to engage all five senses and convey thoughtfulness, making your campaign stand apart from the deluge of digital marketing pieces. The myriad capabilities of digital printing mean that we are limited only by our creativity.

  1. Quiet the Noise

Print marketing gives people an opportunity to look away from their phones and computers and hold something tangible in their hands. In the same way that the sales of printed books are increasing for the first time in many years, printed marketing materials are also in demand. We are craving a reason to take our eyes off our screens.

  1. Spending More Time Together

Marketers are simplifying their collateral messages. They often take an essential piece of content from their digital campaign and turn it into a material content piece. The client will likely spend more time with this artfully produced marketing piece than email with the same message. Many brands are developing magazine publications; these multipage brand advertisements contain editorial content focusing on industry issues. Engaging, quality content will increase brand recognition and respect.

The marketing world continues to evolve as consumers change the way they process information and shift their preferences.  These changes require that brands, even successful ones, stay current and adapt their approach altogether. So no, print marketing is not dead; just transforming, keep up.

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