A new day for safety

Reinvigorating a brand with style and attitude

The BrandX Safety (BrandX) mission is to make safe, stylish and reliable safety glasses designed to go from work to play. With that in mind, BrandX leadership asked Triton to join the team and inject emotion and life to the brand.


Logo / wordmark; Voice and persona; Define graphic assets: Fonts, color palette, custom graphic treatments, etc.); Identity systems: Business card, stationary, envelope, other day-to-day business material
BrandX Safety (BrandX) was at a classic crossroads and it was time to look at the brand. And it was a perfect time to do it, as the product was (and is) strong, the sales team was in place (but feeling less than enthusiastic) and the market was ripe for a BrandX assault. By reviewing the current promotional situation, evaluating the market landscape and workshopping with leadership, dealers and end users, Triton created a strong, memorable mark and applied it consistently and strategically across all customer touchpoints.
It's all about the X. That big, bold bright mark is memorable and will differentiate in a crowded market. As the full logo is used—and brand recognition is strengthened—the X will be used more and more on it's own and become synonymous with the quality and persona of BrandX Safety.

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