Rebuilding a digital

An online transformation right before your eyes

A fully responsive site is a must have. If your site doesn’t render on all screens, your online credibility will erode and your brand will suffer.


User Experience Design, User Interface Design, Photography, Copywriting, SEO
Built on the existing platform, Triton reengineered the User Experience (UX) to help visitors to the site access product in an intuitive way. With the UX flowing better, the User Interface (UI) was reskinned with the updated branding creating a much better customer facing experience for the product.
Although limited by the technical capabilities of the platform that the site is built on, Triton and BrandX are learning from how the site is being used. With all that data and additional brand insights developed over time, a newer more robust site is planned in the upcoming year. In the mean time, Dealers of the product are responding positively and as a direct result, orders are up, sales are increasing and the future is bright for the brand's online footprint.

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