Helping the most vulnerable in a time of great need

Resources help prevent the spread of Coronavirus among underserved and insecure

Giving shelters the tools needed to keep the virus in check

Canavan Associates (CA) focuses on the intersection of people, systems, and technology providing professional services to the non-profit, government, and private sectors. Specializations include HMIS, disaster planning, information security, and project access for diverse communities. In partnership with Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) CA developed strategies to mitigate the spread to the virus among shelter residents.


Skill set
Illustration, layout
For many, this has been an unusually stressful and difficult time. People experiencing homelessness have the added challenge of living in communal environments. How do you address the spread of COVID-19 when regulated shelter capacity is shrinking (in some instances a 50% reduction is mandated) but demand is increasing? It's a complex situation but basic communications help and to that end, Triton provided design leadership in visually interpreting rules and protocols being implemented in these environments.
A simple more more visually compelling isometric illustration style was used to define space and identify shelter residents and staff. This style is versatile allowing it's use in many themes and situations

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