Neighborhood is informed every step of the way through responsive website

Located in East Cambridge, Massachusetts, the 40 Thorndike St. building is transforming from vacant courthouse to a vibrant mixed-used development with a community-driven purpose of enhancing the existing residential and commercial area. Communications with local residents, government officials and other stakeholders is vital to the project’s success.


Skill set
User Experience Design (UX), User Interface Design (UI), SEO
A simple responsive design was crucial to reaching as many end users as possible. With the ability to be translated in Spanish, timely information can be read by everyone in the neighborhood. With a simple Content Management System (CMS) built on Wordpress, the developer has the flexibility to inform the public about meeting, construction activity and highlight major milestones along the way.
One very important feature is the urgent message header. This green, yellow or red band (which denotes the level of urgency associated with the announcement) appears on the top of every page. The header links to the Construction Updates page where the visitor can read more in-depth information about the project. This was a key communication tool during the early stages of the COVID-19 emergency and continues to serve a vital role as construction starts back up under COVID-19 rules and requirements.

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