A fresh digital footprint
for an industry giant

Website redesign with a gentle brand nudge

For more than 50 years Leggat McCall Properties (LMP) has been a leading provider of real estate development, project management, and advisory services in the Boston real estate market. To match that standing in the industry, Triton built them a website that reflects their personality, and their place in the market.


Skill set
User Experience Design, User Interface Design, SEO
A more intuitive UX and eye catching UI were built on a CMS they control. This flexibility gave them the ability to expand the site on their own, keep content new and fresh and pivot on the fly. In addition to this website work, Triton took a gentle approach at reinvigorating their corporate identity system as well.
Like many companies that have been in business for a long time, their history, relationships and services/experience were enough to sell their offerings. However, as the landscape of communication changes and shifts ever more to digital, consumer decision making changes. Today, initial credibility is evaluated on a more superficial level and companies who may do the best job, don't even get in the door because they are not keeping up with consumer expectations. Leggat recognized this and is now benefitting from a more digital appropriate position which is improving talent acquisition and retention and reaching a more sophisticated customer pool.

What a customer sees online, they should also feel in your day-to-day. With that in mind, we pushed the new color palette, typographic and layout strategy throughout the organization.

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